Congratulations in being invited to participated in our Solar Energy Independence Initiative (Program). The reason for our program is to observe, monitor, evaluate and measure the effectiveness and efficiency on how different solar batteries perform in the domestic environment. This data will help us develop a range of energy monitoring software and hardware products to better suit Australian households of different sizes and requirements.

Solar battery storage is a relatively new product to the Australian solar industry and bridges the gap in current solar panel systems whereas most households utilise more energy in the evening than only during the day and solar battery storage stores this unused energy for when the household begins energy usage in the day.

Under our Solar Energy Independence Initiative (Program) we have two programs to help get you total energy independence whether your home currently has solar or do not.

For households with current solar installations we are able to monitor and evaluate how the solar batteries interact with pre-existing systems, whether usage patterns change or remain the same, amount of energy exported to the grid etc.

For households without current solar installations we can monitor and evaluate how households interact with solar PV and battery storage without prior solar.

By running these two programs with households with or without current solar systems, we can evaluate if the results vary between new or existing systems.

For further information, see our Frequently Asked Questions or call our dedicated SEII phone line.

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Proof That Solar Battery Storage Saves On Your Energy Bills

The SEII program is Now Closed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the SEII program offer? How do households benefit?

The program offers selected Australian households the opportunity to have a solar battery and energy monitoring unit installed, with some of the cost absorbed by Solar Service Group.

In exchange for the subsidy, households agreed to share information with Solar Service Group about their energy use and habits over a 12-month period.

During the program, Solar Service Group also provide households with advice on the best time to use electrical appliances and worked with them to ‘tweak’ their technology and usage habits for maximum financial benefit. 

Where is the program offered?

The SEII program commenced in NSW and was then extended into VIC, WA and SA. The program was recently extended to QLD.

What is the criteria for households to be eligible?

The eligibility of a household is assessed based on the following factors:

  • the number of people living in the household
  • the energy consumption patterns of the household
  • the number of solar panels currently installed on the roof
  • How much energy the household feeds back into the grid
  • What their feed in tariff to the grid is
  • The frequency of servicing and maintenance to the system
  • Whether the house has single or 3 phase power
  • Whether the house has Wi-Fi installed
  • Whether the household has solar batteries previously installed
  • Whether the household agrees to allow Solar Service Group to monitor the system and provide feedback / data


Why do you need this information, and what are you using it for?

We see huge potential for the future of solar energy in Australia – our climate is one of the best in the world suited to solar energy generation, and the health and environmental impacts are minimal compared with fossil fuels.         

As the cost of energy generated through traditional sources continues to rise, solar energy and storage will become an increasingly competitive and valuable energy resource.

However at the moment, Australian’s are not taking it up at the same rates as other parts of the world, and we want to know more about why this is so we can help change that.

We aim to use the data collected through the program to help us understand more and innovate in the solar power space.

We are currently developing a range of both hardware and software technologies that will revolutionise the energy storage space and energy management space. Much of the data collected and still being collected from this program will be used as confirmation for algorithms and machines learnings currently underway. 

We want to refine and develop solar energy solutions that are more efficient, affordable and accessible, allowing more Australians to take control of their energy consumption and cost.

What type of information does the SEII program collect and how does it do this?

We collect data sets from the microcomputer that is installed as part of the program. The computer records information from your solar system like what time of day you use the most power or whether there are any anomalies on your power usage. This helps us make sure you are getting the most out of your solar system.

Is this information shared with anyone else? How can households be sure of their privacy?

Solar Service Group does not disclose any personal information to any third parties, in line with our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. This can be viewed here.

Does this program comply with all relevant Australian consumer laws and consumer rights and protection?

Every part of the program has been reviewed and signed off by trade practice lawyers, to ensure the program meets all the requirements of Australian Consumer Law and all facets of consumer protection and consumer rights.

How does the subsidy work – is this a genuine discount/offer? Is the government involved?

This is not a government subsidy; Solar Service Group provides you the contribution directly. We are offering you this subsidy because we value the data that you are providing by participating in the program.

It is worth noting the battery is only one part of the program and there is significant additional hardware and services that come included with the program.


If I like the sound of the program, what happens next?

If you would like to participate in the SEII program, you will need to call the dedicated program phone line and speak with one of the Solar Service Group assessors to ensure your household meets the criteria.

Once eligibility is established, your assessor will run you through the purpose of the program and provide information on suitable products, costs and installation.

For the Solar Battery Program: Call 1300 19 19 76
For the Solar Panel and Battery Program: Call 1300 71 71 74

Do I need to already have solar to be eligible to participate?

No. We have a program for non-solar homeowners which has solar panels and a battery

I have seen battery prices that appear cheaper than the cost the program offers, even when the subsidy is applied, why is this?

This is not the case. Many of the online prices listed on websites are for either the wholesale battery price or the battery without installation and other components. This program offers significantly more and also has a five-year maintenance, monitoring and service plan (valued at $2,000) as well as the micro-computer, energy management software and ongoing customer support.

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Customer Testimonials

I joined Solar Service Group SEII Program because we were interested in batteries but couldn’t afford to pay the full amount. The extra discount made the transition easier for us to adopt solar battery technology and save on our energy bills. So far, we have had a saving of $100 on our first energy bill and are eagerly awaiting the next bill.

Susan, Wodonga VIC

As part of the SEII Program, we can monitor our entire rooftop solar system and see what is actually happening at all hours of the day. This is a fantastic benefit and we would recommend this to others thinking of installing a solar battery system.

Colin, Woodcroft SA

I think I did save some money for sure, just wanna see for few months more as my energy company charges 2 months installment and the 3rd month the actual meter reading’s. Looking forward to see a consistent reduction in bills. Thanks!!

Maggie, Parkinson QLD

Have not had a energy bill yet, but I expect that there will be a noticable change in the bill. So far, no problems with any part of the scheme.

John, Bayswater WA

Yes, we have had a fair reduction in our energy bills!

Tony, Matraville NSW

all good appreciate the help with the bills

Rix, Gosnells WA

Why Battery Storage?

with a solar battery

Solar Panels convert sunlight into Direct Current (DC) electricity


DC electricity flows into your inverter which converts into useable Alternating Current (AC) electricity


Your Battery stores your excess electricity for use within your home


Use your generated electricity that is produced by your Solar PV Panels to power your home, rather than purchasing expensive energy from the grid

without a solar battery

Solar Panels convert sunlight into Direct Current (DC) electricity


DC electricity flows into your inverter which converts into useable Alternating Current (AC) electricity


Feed excess generated energy back to the grid for as little as 0.05c per kWh


Purchase energy from the grid for as high as 0.34c per kWh