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Solar system servicing

Solar Service Group offer a full system check of your PV solar to ensure your system is operating efficiently and effectively. Our Solar Specialist will perform a complete system check and advise you of any issue(s) that may have risen, and present you with a detailed site inspection report with a full breakdown from the inspection. We check for any potential safety risks, dangers and hazards that might effect the use of your solar, while giving you peace of mind knowing your system is in check and your warranty not effected from a lack of maintenance.

Roof Service

What we check

Site inspection

  • Panels checked for cleanliness and debris around and under the panels.
  • Identify possible shading issues (eg. New growth on trees)
  • Warning labels fixed in place and legible

PV Modules

  • Ensure there is no accumulation of dust or fungus on array
  • Inspect PV modules for defects or signs of deterioration including fractures, browning, moisture penetration and frame corrosion.
  • Inspection of DC isolator enclosure and junction boxes to ensure they are free from water ingress.
  • Inspect PV array mounting and fixtures are tight and secure.
  • Check PV array frame is earthed.


  • Verify mechanical integrity of conduits
  • Verify integrity of insulation on cables not enclosed with conduit
  • Inspect tightness of connections, integrity of lid seals, cable entrance, glands and conduit sealing and clamping devices


  • Correct operation of all AC and DC isolators.
  • Check DC isolators and circuit breakers for correct polarity.
  • Check functionality of all fuses and fuse holders.
  • Measure and ensure open circuit voltages and short circuit currents are within correct range.
  • Verify operation of solar array isolation device and earth fault protection system.
  • Verify integrity of surge arresters


  • Check inverter for debris build up or signs of overheating
  • Conduct anti-islanding test (disconnect less than 2 seconds and reconnect after 60 seconds)

Additional Safety

  • Identify any recalled components of your solar system with a free non obligation quote
  • Identify any damaged or worn components that may lead to fire or electrical hazards with a free non obligation quote

Detailed Service Report

  • Within 7 business days of your completed service, Solar Service Group will provide a detailed report confirming work completed
  • Recommendation and any safety issues requiring urgent attention
  • Complimentary and non-obligation quotes for any hazard or safety improvements/requirements

Panel Cleaning (Optional)

  • Panels professionally cleaned removing all debris, dirt, dust and droppings
  • Remove all salt residue from panel film and aluminium framing

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