5 Powerful Reasons to Go Solar

Solar energy is fascinating. Our advancement in technology has allowed us to turn sunlight into electricity which we can use to power our homes and devices. Homeowners around the world are installing solar systems on their roofs to take advantage of this exciting, renewable way to generate electricity. A thought that commonly comes to mind amongst people who are considering making the switch to solar is: how does this benefit me?

We’ve put together a list that describes 5 of the most powerful reasons to go solar. Keep reading to find out what motivates individuals and businesses to install a solar system.

1. It saves you money

Making the switch to solar saves you money in the long run because you are taking advantage of the sun’s free energy. You’ll be able to escape the rising cost of electricity bills that can often come with privately owned energy providers. By harnessing power from the sun, your energy becomes domestic and this means you’re in control of your own bills and energy usage.

How much money you can save depends on a few factors such as; how much electricity you use, how big your solar system is, the time of day you use electricity and whether you get a battery installed.

To give you an idea of what you can save, Alan Hedges, an Australian resident who installed a solar system reported to the Guardian that his electricity bill went from more than $1,000 a quarter down to $46.57 which works out to be about 84% cheaper since making the switch to solar energy.

It’s common to see solar energy customers see a reduction in their electricity bills. Nick Pfitzner, the first Australian homeowner to get a Tesla Powerwall battery installed, reported to news.com.au that his electricity bill reduced from $660.77 per quarter to $50.39. That works out to be an average bill of about $0.59 cents a day.

Additionally, there is technology available to solar homeowners that allows them to monitor the details of their solar system, so they know exactly how much energy they are using and how much energy they are taking off the grid. This can give insight into which appliances use the most power, meaning that the homeowner can adjust the way they use their appliances to save the most money possible.

2. It’s a strong investment

For many Australians, their home is their greatest asset. Recent research indicates that installing solar panels greatly increases the value of your home’s property.

By maintaining and upgrading your property, you can help hold or increase your property’s market value. Solar power is an improvement that that is much more likely to increase a property’s value over other costly improvements that may require a lot of maintenance, for example, a pool.

If you’re looking to sell or lease your property, installing a solar system is a simple strategy you can implement to gain a competitive edge in the property market.

3. You’ll be protecting the environment

It’s a term that gets said a lot when it comes to renewable energy yet it’s one of the biggest reasons why people decide to go solar. Reducing our carbon footprint is crucial in ensuring that we prevent climate change. Making the switch to solar energy gives you the peace of mind knowing that you’re doing something to protect the earth.

4. Solar energy systems are durable

Because solar systems don’t have moving parts, they are not damaged easily. This lessens the chance for interruption. Homeowners that install high quality solar panels, can rest assured knowing that their system can withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions.

In the rare case that something may happen to your solar panels, most systems come with a long-term warranty which is guaranteed by the original installer.

5. Creation of green jobs

More jobs are being created in the renewable energy sector due to a rise in individuals and businesses wanting to install a solar system. This means your children and future generations could have the opportunity to work in a booming industry rather than one that is facing major upheaval. By going solar, you’ll be contributing to the success of the future generation.