During summer, your solar system works overtime to support the energy needs of your household. The hot Australian climate can take a toll on your system, as it works hard to produce solar energy. With the end of summer approaching, a service is what your system needs to ensure its running at optimal efficiency.

The benefits of regular servicing

We service our cars, computers and mobile phones. Just like any other piece of technology, your solar system requires servicing at least once a year. Regular servicing is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Ensures safety: By servicing your system, you can identify potential issues before they happen. Catching problems early can save you money on repair costs by rectifying any damage before the problem gets worse.
  • Increases efficiency of your system: It’s difficult for your solar panels to absorb sunlight properly when there’s a build-up of dirt on them. In fact, when your solar system is not regularly cleaned or serviced, solar panels can decrease in efficiency by up to 20%.

How we can help you

We offer a complete check to ensure your solar system is operating efficiently and effectively. We will notify you of any issues that have arisen and present you with a detailed site inspection report that breaks down each element of the inspection.

We’ll give you piece of mind by checking for any potential safety risks, dangers and hazards that might affect the use of your solar.

Our 11-point safety check

We take our servicing seriously. Here’s what we’ll check when you book a service with us:

  1. Check Panels for debris, defects and shading.
  2. Check all labels are eligible and compliant.
  3. Check all DC Isolators and connections for water ingress or signs of ageing.
  4. Check PV array mounting, and fixtures are tight.
  5. Check PV array earthing and earth fault protection system.
  6. Check connections, integrity of seals, cable entrance, gland, conduit sealing and clamping devices.
  7. Check for correct operation of switches.
  8. Measure and ensure open circuit voltages and short circuit currents are within range.
  9. Conduct Anti-islanding test on Inverter.
  10. Identify recalled products.
  11. Check and identify items that don’t comply to current Australian Standards.

Give your solar system the care it needs and call now to book a service with a solar specialist – 1300 40 41 42