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The future of solar battery storage

Technology has evolved and consumers are demanding a clean energy future. Solar panels and solar batteries are what Australians are purchasing to escape the rising cost of electricity. With government incentives available, solar batteries are now more accessible than ever.

Why solar companies go out of business

Over the past decade, the solar industry has boomed. In 2018, the number of Australian households with solar PV installations reached 2 million. That’s an average of six solar panels installed per minute! The solar industry is growing rapidly, yet there are many solar companies who have left. ABC News reports that almost 700 solar […]


What our customers say about us

Here at Solar Service Group we provide our customers with long-term solar solutions by utilising our expert knowledge and passion for the solar energy industry. We have over 30 years’ industry experience, with a strong focus on our customers satisfaction. Our commitment to research and development within the solar battery and renewable energy sector has […]

Business Clean Up Day 2020

Tuesday February 25th marks the annual Business Clean Up Day. Get your business involved to help make our environment a cleaner, healthier and safer place to live. Keep reading to learn how pollution impacts your business and what you can do to make a difference.