All spots have been allocated and applications for our Solar Battery Subsidised Field Trial have now closed. With a variety of locations across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia this Field Trial is designed to independently measure the effectiveness of solar battery technology.  Read more

Following the announcement earlier in the week of the Federal Government’s hoped initiative to decrease residential and commercial electricity bills for Australians, the Queensland Government have taken a step further. Increased resources ensure that not only are they encouraging the adoption of state-of-the-art solar technology but also taking the step to make it accessible to households and businesses alike.  Read more

Households and businesses are quite aware of the rising electricity costs brought about by energy retailers over the past ten years.

More recently, the spotlight has been on the major energy retailers and their reasoning for rising electricity costs passed onto their customers.  Read more

Recently in the media, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiled his government’s new energy policy, hoped to replace the existing Clean Energy Target. This new energy plan hopes to not only reduce costs on households and businesses but to also uphold Australia’s responsibility under the Paris Climate Change Agreement and lower carbon emissions. Read more

What a way to really put ACT on the Australian Renewable Radar. Read more