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    Complaints & Resolutions
    Any concerns, complaints or feedback can be lodged directly to Solar Service Group to our Customer Care team via the form on this page or via mail to Solar Service Group PO Box 967 Eltham Victoria 3095.

    Any lodged or written complaints will be addressed within twenty one (21) days of received documentation.

    Winter is in full swing across Australia, which typically brings a flurry of questions about a solar systems efficiency during these colder months. While it’s no secret that solar systems are most efficient when the sun is highest in the sky and the daylight hours are long, that doesn’t mean that they don’t perform well […]

    Electricity is essential for our every-day lives for lighting rooms, providing home Wi-Fi and powering domestic appliances like ovens and stove-tops. With so many people throughout 2020 having to work from home, a stable power supply is crucial for not only modern life but also to maintain work commitments.