When purchasing a house, it comes with all the appliances and fittings already there and you need to learn how to use them – most of the time without any kind of manual. Everyone has used an oven before, hot water systems are all similar and even heating/air conditioning is relatively user friendly.

But what happens when you purchase an established house with an existing solar PV system?

Out of sight out of mind, it’s easy to forget and without a good understanding of how it works you will be most likely left with unutilised financial benefits.

It is important to know the size of your system as well as your energy consumption behaviour, so you can get a good understanding of how much energy the solar produces and how much your household uses. This information can help you use your appliances smarter and utilise your solar to reduce your overall electricity bill.

Additionally, it is important to know if your system is running efficiently and safety. Like any piece of electrical equipment, solar PV systems need to be serviced to keep it producing the maximum amount of power for you as well as providing peace of mind that this large electricity producer you live under is safely maintained.

Here are a couple of things that can affect the efficiency of a solar system and why regular service checks are always worthwhile:

Dirt – the build-up of dust, dirt, debris from trees and even bird droppings can affect how much sunlight is shines on your solar panels which in turn effects how much power they are producing. Shading produced by dirt reduces the efficiency of your system

Wiring – poorly fitted or low-quality wiring can affect both the running and the safety of the equipment. If the wiring is not fitted properly wiring can be a fire hazard

Inverter – the quality and efficiency of your inverter will affect your solar output as everything produced by the panels runs through your inverter before it is used in your home

A system check can let you know your system is operating to its full potential, but it will also help you learn about the system you have and how much savings you can expect to see.

To have your solar PV system serviced, fill out your details here and a Solar Specialist can discuss a solar system service for your system.