Off the back of the successful results we are obtaining from our Solar Battery Subsidised Field Trial, we are now commencing a Solar Battery Data Analysis Program, to help validate the effectiveness and saving potentials of other solar batteries in our range, and further stress test our current findings.   

Randomly selected solar homeowners Australia wide have been invited to participate in this program, as households in Western Australia experience a different climate compared to households in south-eastern Australia and it is fundamental to the program that we analyse a wide spectrum of households that experience different weather conditions. Whilst on the phone to our Solar Specialists your locations’ eligibility will be assessed as participation is given on a first-in basis.

There are certain areas of eligibility that do apply to participate in this program, some include:

  • Current household feed-in-tariff
  • Number of Adults living in the home
  • Household’s energy export
  • Current solar PV system size
  • Hours of highest energy consumption

Participation in this program is completely voluntary, with customers receiving a discount on our standard list prices and in turn, participants are asked to provide us with their feedback over a 12-month period. Feedback in various forms such as electricity bills, access to energy management data, surveys etc.

With a combined 30 years’ industry experience, Solar Service Group are proud to offer this exclusive opportunity to households across Australia and are keen to analyse these results.

If your household has received this letter of invitation and you would like further clarification, please contact our Solar Specialists on 1300 40 41 42 and a member of our team will gladly take you through our Data Analysis Program.