Ahead of the beginning of daylight savings, solar customers are excited to see their solar PV systems producing more energy as the sun is out for longer than experienced in winter periods.

With greater levels of solar energy production throughout the day, households are recommended to shift high-energy consumption from the evening into daylight hours. This means shifting the time of use of high-electricity usage appliances like pool pumps or washing machines into the daytime to really take advantage of the Aussie solar generation.

The greater levels of solar production are due to an increased amount of average daylight hours. However, your solar PV system can be expected to diminish in operating efficiency if the temperatures are too high. This occurs in all solar panels to maintain safety for your household and prevent panels from overheating.

Warmer months are particularly ideal for households with solar battery systems where the batteries can be charged throughout the day and then utilised for evening consumption. With more occupants in the home during the summer period due to school holidays, celebrations etc. consumption of electricity during the day is expected be at higher rates than in the cooler seasons. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your daily consumption and solar production through your solar monitoring software.

One specialised benefit of some battery storage devices is blackout protection. Blackout protection works to keep your home alight in the event of a blackout by using energy from the battery.

As blackouts are common during warmer seasons, it has never been a better time to ensure that your solar battery is equipped with blackout protection, to minimise disturbances from a blackout. LG Chem ESS incorporate blackout protection for peace of mind for you and your household. Enquire here to learn more about LG Chem and its associated benefits to your home.