BYD B-Box LV Residential

The ultimate battery solution scalable to suit any home

Leading the world in rechargeable lithium technology and electric vehicles. BYD home batteries can provide you with the highest output power and usable energy ratio in the industry. The BYD Home Battery enables you to save money, control energy, lower costs and operate independently in the event of a blackout.

The BYD B-BOX LV Residential Series features a 2.5kWh battery module that can be scaled from 5.0 – 20kWh. This series is the ultimate combination of affordability and performance, bringing together the ability to scale the system to meet your budget or energy needs, expand over time and the high output, long life and resilience of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.


Great Value

Scalable battery design to meet any size or budget. Start small and grow the system over time.

High Performance

Highest power output and heat resistance in the market combined with long cycle life.

Backup Power

Systems designed to deliver reliable back-up power for your home during a black-out.


Automotive design know-how and the highest heat resistance delivers a safe home battery.


Monitor and manage your system remotely.

Maintenance Free

Clean, compact maintenance free design that takes up minimal space indoors or outdoors.


Model B-BOX LV Residential
Usable Capacity 4.9 – 19.6kWh
Warranty 10yr limited warranty
Voltage 48V DC
Efficiency 97%
Supply Capacity 5.0kW min.
Weight 35kg per module
Dimensions 1700mm x 640mm x 320mm
Installation Floor: Indoors or Outdoors
Model B-BOX HV
Usable Capacity 5.0 – 50kWh
Warranty 10yr limited warranty
Voltage 200 – 500V DC
Efficiency 93%
Supply Capacity 5-10kWmin
Weight 115-195kg
Dimensions 580 x 380 x 840 – 1320mm
Installation Floor: Indoors or Outdoors

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