Repairs, Insurance Claims & Warranty

Repairs and Insurance Claims

Solar Service Group service and repair all major components that make up your PV Solar System. Regardless of brand, or where you originally purchased your Solar System from, our qualified and accredited installation teams can get your system repaired and up to Australian Standard with our:

  • System Health Checks
  • Panel Replacements
  • Solar Maintenance Packages

With our strong industry partnerships with all major brands and fully trained and accredited installation teams, you can trust Solar Service Group to return your system to peak performance and offer you that ongoing system support you may not currently be receiving.

For major system faults or panel damage you may be covered by your current home and contents insurance policy for repair or replacement. Our Customer Care team will be able to guide you through this detailed process and arrange a required site report and quote for your insurance claim.

For further information or a comprehensive quote please call Solar Service Group on 1300 40 41 42 or Contact Us and we will come back to you within 24 hours.

System Warranties

Most Solar Systems sold within Australia are issued with a comprehensive warranty on products and installation, however it is common for these warranties to be void should your system not be serviced or maintained.

It is therefore very important that you understand your warranty requirements. Please refer to your initial documentation from your installation company. Should your installation company no longer be in operation we can guide you in the right direction.

Full warranty documentation and contact details for most inverters and panels are available on our website. For more specific information about your system and warranty support please contact your product supplier or our Customer Care team on 1300 40 41 42.

Faulty Inverter Replacement

Since the inception of PV Solar Systems in Australia many inverter makes and models have been introduced into the market with varied qualities, warranties and production results.

Due to the significant reduction in Solar installation companies trading, many Australian Solar homeowners have found themselves without support and have been left with faulty equipment.

Solar Service Group partner with many trusted Solar brands offering the best quality equipment at an affordable price.  In the event that you have a faulty inverter that requires replacement, we are here to help.

Our expert team can advise you with:

  • An obligation free quote
  • Sourcing new or refurbished stock (where available)
  • Ensuring your replacement stock will not jeopardise your current FIT (feed in tariff)
  • Delivery and installation
  • Removal of faulty inverter if required
  • Full warranty and support

We will tailor a replacement inverter package specifically for you.

Warranty Policy

Limited Warranty Notice (English)
This warranty will be provided by Solar SG Pty Ltd. Solar Service Group provides the warranty set out in this document, in respect of an installed product and/or accessory purchased and installed in Australia to the consumer (the “Warranty”), if the Product is purchased and installed in the country listed above, this Warranty is valid and enforceable.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

The Warranty is voluntarily offered by Solar Service Group and is separate and in addition to the legal rights of consumers under Australian Consumer Law governing the sale of consumer goods and to any rights of the consumer against the original retail seller of the Product and, therefore, does not affect, change or replace such rights.

What is covered by this Warranty
1. Solar Service Group warrants that the Products are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and use in accordance with the respective Product user manual, during the Warranty Period (defined below).
2. The Warranty is provided for a period of: five (5) years in respect of the device from the date of the original installation of the Product (“Warranty Period”).
3. The Warranty covers workmanship that has been carried out to install or service the Product and any additional accessories which may be included in carrying out the installation.
4. This Warranty covers all products installed as part of the installation and its associated operation.
5. All Products, workmanship and operation is covered for five (5) years from its original installation by Solar Service Group.

What Solar Service Group will do in the event of a Warranty claim
6. During the Warranty Period, Solar Service Group will repair or replace the Product or any of the relevant parts thereof in the event of any defect in the materials and workmanship within a reasonable time.
7. The repaired Product or part of, the Product or part provided as a replacement for a defective Product or part, shall be free from defect in materials and workmanship. Repair or replacement of a Product or part may involve the use of a functionally equivalent reconditioned unit.
8. The consumer shall not be charged (whether for parts, labour or otherwise) for the repair or replacement of a defective Product during the Warranty Period as installed by Solar Service Group. All replaced defective Product, accessories or equipment shall become the property of Solar Service Group.
9. The Warranty in respect of a repaired or replaced Product or part shall continue for the remainder of the Warranty Period of the Product which was repaired or replaced or, for five (5) years from the date of repair, whichever is longer.
10. For any work covered under warranty, Solar Service Group will surrender the charge of a call out fee to attend the property at which the Product is installed and correct the fault to expected working condition.
11. In the event of Solar Service Group causing damage on the property at which the installation occurred during the course of the installation, Solar Service Group will make every endeavour to remedy and restore any damage to its original condition.
12. If Solar Service Group are not equipped to restore the damage to original condition, Solar Service Group will consult a third-party to complete such work.

What is not covered by the Warranty
13. This Warranty does not cover defects and damage resulting from someone else said or did (excluding our agents or employees) for something beyond our control that happened after the goods or services were supplied (for example, force majeure events, possum damage, extreme weather).

Your responsibilities
14. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the Product has consistent internet connectivity and is serviced by a CEC accredited solar installer to ensure the system is free from any debris and artificial interference. If the user experiences issues in the up keep of the Product, they may contact Solar Service Group for site-specific support and guidance.
15. It is the user’s responsibility to report any faults of the Product that may cause physical damage to the property or result in damage to the Product.
16. If you experience any difficulty please contact the Solar Service Group Head Office on 1300 40 41 42 or alternatively contact via email on
17. This Warranty shall be updated by Solar Service Group from time to time. Please refer to the Solar Service Group website to obtain the latest version of the Warranty for the Product.
18. The system is maintained in accordance to the regulation AS4777

For expert advice or a comprehensive quote call Solar Service Group on 1300 40 41 42 or Contact Us and we will come back to you within 24 hours.

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