Monitoring & Maintenance

Solar Service Group’s Monitoring and Maintenance Plans are like Roadside Assistance for your solar.

Without monitoring, if your solar system stops performing (due to incidents like damaged PV panels, a power surge, tripped circuit breaker or a fault with the inverter), how would you know? You would only discover this when your next energy bill arrives, and by then, you may have lost valuable solar production and/or money on your solar system investment!

With SSG’s Monitoring & Maintenance Plan, you can rest easy knowing that we have our eyes-on-your-solar, keeping your system free from faults and downtime and is safe for you and your family.

If a fault is detected, we will help you get your system back up and running so you can get back to producing free energy.

$399 RRP per year.

What’s Included

  • Annual report on solar system performance (including solar production, consumption, and export over the duration of a year).*
  • Annual system check (performed remotely to assess if a system service is required).
  • Monitoring of your solar system for any possible performance or functional issues
  • Unlimited service call outs for when a fault is detected.**
  • 10% discount on standard service rates and replacement products.**
  • Regular updates on emerging technologies that will further assist in the reduction of energy prices.

*Currently only available on selected packages that include a monitoring system.
**These benefits are additional to the product warranties and your consumer law rights and will apply if work required is not covered by the warranty (for example, is due to storm damage or the fault is with materials purchased from a third party).


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