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We are approaching the third month mark of our very first Goanna solar battery installation under the ‘Initial Testing Phase Program’. During this time we have received a great deal of feedback from our installers and participants which is helping us continually improve this groundbreaking product.

We are seeing participants reduce their reliance on the grid dramatically as well as saving money on their bills. 

We randomly selected three ITP participants and compared their average consumption from the grid before their battery was installed with Tuesday 7th May.

Initial Findings 

John from NSW was paying $5.10 a day for energy before he installed his Goanna 2.9kWh battery. On Tuesday 7th May he only imported 3.05kWh from the grid costing him just $0.88 for the day for energy usage!

Mervat from Victoria was paying $2.81 a day for energy before her Goanna battery installation.  On Tuesday 7th May she only needed to import 5.77kWh of energy from the grid, costing her just $1.70 for energy usage! 

Duane from Queensland paid an average of $2.78 a day on his last energy bill before his battery installation. On Tuesday 7th May he only imported 3.64kWh from the grid costing him just $0.88 for energy usage. 

Places still available

There are still a limited number of places available in the Initial Testing Phase Program. Secure your spot and start seeing real-time savings like John, Mervat and Duane. 

Rather than the number of batteries you need to power your home, first you should evaluate how big your solar system is, how much power you use and when you use most of your energy.

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The NSW Liberals & Nationals government has promised big things for homeowners in 2019. Which is great news if you are thinking of purchasing a solar-battery system or already have a system installed.

They have pledged to provide interest free loans to eligible homeowners to combat the rising cost of energy and help climate change.

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