The future of solar battery storage

Technology has evolved and consumers are demanding a clean energy future. Solar panels and solar batteries are what Australians are purchasing to escape the rising cost of electricity. With government incentives available, solar batteries are now more accessible than ever.

The history of solar batteries

In 1980, rechargeable batteries took a huge step forward with the invention of lithium-ion batteries. Then, in 1991, Sony changed the tech market by producing the first commercial rechargeable battery.

With rechargeable batteries available, the possibilities were endless. Technology such as mobile phones, laptops, electric vehicles and solar batteries were introduced to the market.

Over the past decade, homeowners have been able to utilize solar batteries to store solar energy, reduce their dependence on the grid and lower their energy bills.

Solar batteries have quickly evolved

Tesla launched the first Powerwall solar battery in 2015. Less than a year later, Tesla shook the market again by providing homeowners with the Powerwall 2. The innovation had double the storage capacity at the same price point!

Other manufacturers quickly followed in Tesla’s footsteps making solar battery storage systems more accessible than ever. Solar batteries have become a readily available complement to any rooftop solar system.

Where are solar batteries headed in the future?

With technology rapidly advancing, the landscape for solar batteries seems promising. Scientists are working to uncover new and efficient ways to sustainably store solar energy. There are already different types of solar batteries outside the traditional lithium-ion such as the liquid-based flow battery and sodium nickel chloride battery.

Solar battery technology is evolving fast so it’s likely there will be more diversity in the market over the next decade. Innovations such as Virtual Power Plants have taken the energy market by surprise.

Virtual Power Plants are formed when a set of decentralised units in a power network are linked and operated by a single, centralised control system. Any decentralised unit that stores, produces or consumes electricity can become a part of a Virtual Power Plant. This exciting technology allow users to trade energy, increasing the amount of solar energy in their system.

Keep up to date with solar battery technology

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