Solar Service Group Field Trial

With the recent advancements in solar battery technology, and the demand for households to become less reliant on the grid, the solar battery storage market is the latest boom in the ever-changing solar industry.

To help validate this new technology to the broader market, we (Solar Service Group) are conducting an exclusive Field Trial program into the effectiveness of battery storage to explore the potential reduction of home energy costs, through the collection of wide data sets across the population.

Randomly selected homes across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia have received correspondence in the mail with unique codes to ensure that only selected members are receiving this exclusive opportunity.

Participation in this Field Trial is limited and only open to homes that meet our eligibility criteria.

Some of the eligibility includes:

  • The households NMI number
  • Type of FIT household is currently on
  • Unit type
  • Households energy export
  • Period when solar panels were first installed
  • Number of panels installed
  • Consumption VS generation patterns
  • Acceptance of data sharing obligations

Reason for this being that results are to be measured on an even playing field; ensuring that the testing of this new technology is effective across a broader spectrum of homes and is the right sample size reflecting accurately the current Australian residential energy market.

As participation in this Field Trial is completely voluntary, we are offering a discount to eligible households on our standard list prices and in turn, participants are asked to provide feedback over a 12-month period, including (but not limited to) access to the hardware and PV system, power bills and interval data.

With a combined 30 years experience in the solar industry, we are proud to offer invitees this exclusive opportunity, and believe solar batteries will revolutionise the solar energy market within Australia.

We look forward to releasing parts of the results and our whitepaper once correlated and interpreted.