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Solar battery storage is the latest advancement in the solar industry. Not only does it allow you to store the excess energy your system creates during the day to use when you need it most at night, it also allows you to monitor your home’s usage and charge your solar battery at off-peak times to really maintain control of your electricity usage.

Recently there have been technological communication developments that allow you to identify your daily household electricity usage and production remotely on your handheld or desktop device. This information is shown in an easy-to-understand way using graphs and data of usage such as overnight standby energy consumption and energy produced through your solar PV system.  

By easily logging on to your energy monitoring platform, you can monitor your household energy consumption, ensure your PV system is running at optimal capacity and control appliance use anywhere at any time. Both Enphase Energy – MyEnlighten and the carbonTRACK utilise this technology, giving you greater control of your energy use and production.

Further than usage monitoring, new battery storage technology allows off-peak charging which works to charge your solar battery from the grid during off-peak times and rates. Off-peak rates are considerably cheaper for your household in comparison to charging from the grid at peak rates, meaning a greater cost-efficient charge for your solar battery than charging from the grid. LG Chem ESS offer off-peak charging on their solar battery storage systems, click here to learn more.

Stay in control of your electricity usage and production through energy monitoring and off-peak charging and avoid electricity bill shock. 

These are only a couple of benefits of installing a solar battery storage system in your home, to learn more about solar battery benefits click here or call us on 1300 40 41 42 today.