Introducing LG Chem Battery Storage

We are excited to announce our product range has extended! We are now proud installers of the new LG Chem Energy Storage System (ESS) to meet growing consumers’ needs in the solar industry.

Solar battery storage is an exciting and revolutionising technology that allows homes to store the energy their solar system produces during the day and use it for when consumption is at its peak at night. This minimises the amount of energy that is purchased back from the grid; saving you and your household money.

The LG Chem boast an abundance of benefits including:

Blackout protection – in the event of a blackout, your home will stay alight by utilising energy from the battery storage to power your appliances and rooms

Large scale storage options –  Available in 6.5kWh and 9.8kWh, enabling you to store more of the energy your system has generated and greater usable energy capacity

Modular design – allows a fast and easier installation

Off-Peak Charging – If your solar system hasn’t produced enough energy during the day, you can program your battery to charge from the grid during off-peak times

Weatherproof – contained in a weatherproof container to protect from various weather conditions or events with an IP55 Enclosure Protection Rating

We are proud to offer the LG Chem as an AC- Coupled storage system exclusively with carbonTRACK enabling you monitor and control your household energy consumption from your mobile device. 

To celebrate this new partnership, we have an exclusive introductory offer!

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