Does My Solar Need Servicing?

There is a common myth that solar doesn’t need servicing as there are no moving parts. However, for the efficiency of your system and the safety of you and your family, it is important to get your system checked annually. With most components exposed to the harsh Australian weather and the electrical nature of a solar system an inspection by a qualified solar technician is a must. 

Solar homeowners should regularly have their system maintained and serviced for:

Improving Australian Standards

Over the years, since solar has taken off in Australia, standards and regulations have been put in place, depending on when your system was installed these standards may have changed. A regular service will ensure your system is brought up to date for both safety and efficiency.

Product Recalls

Since the solar industry growth from 2006, many installers are no longer in operation and some have gone into liquidation. Your installer may not be around to communicate with you. For this reason, it is important to have your solar system regularly serviced by a solar technician who can identify and replace recalled components if ever required.

Potential and Existing Hazards

The safety of your home and your family is number one! By installing solar, your roof becomes a small generation plant producing energy. Electricity is produced and passes through many components of your system. Should there be a fault your system may not produce electricity, or may cause an electrical surge or fire.

All-Around Efficiency

A reduction in the of efficiency in your solar system can be extreme if your panels are shaded by built-up dirt and debris for long periods of time. A power generation increase up to 10% can be achieved by simply having your panels cleaned as part of your service. It is a great way to improve the overall generation of your solar panels, increasing your electricity savings.

Don’t forget to check your warranty and home and content insurance policy to ensure you have met the service requirements for full coverage.

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