ACT 100 per cent Renewable by 2020

What a way to really put ACT on the Australian Renewable Radar.

Australian Capital Territory Government have set themselves the target of being 100 per cent renewable by 2020 through solar PV and battery storage installations on residential and commercial buildings.

In 2016, the Australian Capital Territory Government legislated this target of being 100 per cent renewable by 2020 to:

  • Reduce greenhouse emissions
  • Reduce electricity bills for ACT residents
  • Make solar energy more accessible to ACT businesses and residents

To lead the world in renewable energy and really take advantage of the Australian sun, the ACT Government are committing themselves to reducing emissions by around 2 million tonnes per year and make battery storage more accessible to households and businesses across the state.

With residential and commercial buildings utilising more electricity than ever before, now has never been a better time to not only produce your own electricity but to also store it for later consumption with a solar PV coupled battery storage system. Embracing this innovative technology and making it accessible is a step in the right direction, let’s hope that other states follow this direction. 

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