What our customers say about us

Here at Solar Service Group we provide our customers with long-term solar solutions by utilising our expert knowledge and passion for the solar energy industry.

We have over 30 years’ industry experience, with a strong focus on our customers satisfaction. Our commitment to research and development within the solar battery and renewable energy sector has led us to become proud leaders in the solar battery market of Australia.

We would like to share some examples of positive feedback we have received from our customers on Product Review.

Customer testimonials

Very professional


Battery installation was super easy, no mess and all pre installation information about what would happen was exactly correct. Looking forward to reaping the rewards with regard to energy, cost and the environment.

Barbara Workman, Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

published 6th Feb 2020


Very happy with the solar batteries and their performance


I recently had a Hive 5.0kw battery solar system installed to increase my independence from the grid and use the 5kw solar panel system more efficiently. The system has worked well for the past month and my use of the grid insignificant. The installation was undertaken promptly by a professional who located the system next to my inverter and answered all my questions and more regarding solar battery systems and how the Hive system could be easily expanded if I required greater storage – electric powered cars etc. More than happy to recommend Solar Service Group.

Richard Boddington, Perth, WA

published 4th Feb 2020

Have not had any power from the grid since installation


process was quick the technicians were in and out in about 2.5hours. Batteries are fitted neat and tidy in a tamper proof box on my outside wall and I can see at a glance on my phone that i’m not drawing any power from the grid. FREE electricity!!

Julie Johnson, North Western Region, NSW

published 16th Jan 2020


Solar battery has changed our lives.


The battery installation was efficiently done without any disruption. The installers were very courteous and explained the process very well. The site was cleaned with all debris being removed. It was a pleasure to deal with Solar Service Group. The App is extremely detailed and allows us to organise the use of appliances at the optimum time. We only use power from the grid early morning, or overnight if we need to run the air conditioner. Although we use a lot of power hungry appliances, we still manage to feed some back to the grid on sunny days.

Joy S, Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

published 16th Jan 2020

Perfect for saving on electricity


I am so happy with the Battery Installation, the process went very well. The installation team was very informative and very professional. They left no mess to clean up and they were very pleasant. I am also very happy with the stages before the installation took place with the company advising me what was happening next. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Ann Lacheca

published 8th Jan 2020

Thank you to our customers for leaving us such amazing feedback! Our customers are really at the heart of what we do and we’re so happy that we get to help Australians reduce their energy costs with solar energy. Head over to Product Review to read all our reviews.

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