7 Solar Myths Exposed

1. Solar panels only work during warm weather
Solar Panels work under all daylight conditions. They perform at their peak when the sun is shining, however even when it is overcast electricity can be generated. The durability of Solar Panels enable sunlight to be received regardless of season.

2. Solar Batteries enables off the grid living
Even though Solar Batteries greatly reduce your grid reliance, it cannot be guaranteed how much electricity each individual household will use.

Most households with Solar Batteries still use grid power at times when all their excess Solar Power generated has been used up. As a result, grid produced electricity is usually still required.

3. Solar Panels are too expensive
Solar Panels have dropped in price in recent years, leaving them as a more affordable investment for Australian families and business owners. Most Solar installers will also have finance options available to assist with payment.

4. Solar Panels are unattractive
This really comes down to personal preference, however it can be generally stated that Solar Panels have become more aesthetically pleasing since they first came into operation. Modern Solar Panels now look sleek, compact and sophisticated.

5. There are not many Australian jobs available in the Solar Industry
The Australian Solar industry is buzzing with jobs as Solar Panels and Solar Batteries continue to trend in Australia.

6. Solar Panels are too loud
Even though Solar Panels are heavy piece of equipment installed on a roof, Solar Panels are silent as there are no moving parts. However, for those with great hearing, the inverter makes a slight humming sound while the Solar Panels are in operation during sunlight hours.

7. I will not live in my home long enough to pay off my Solar investment
The Real Estate market in Australia is extremely competitive and showing no signs of slowing down. Having a Solar System installed to your home will only add value as it is a proven desirable asset with ongoing benefits.