How Investing in Solar Battery Storage will Neutralise your Power Bills

We’ve all experienced the shock of a huge power bill at the end of winter, or in the closing days of a super-hot summer – and it’s never pleasant.

While some have the financial capacity to cope with a big bill and others put it on the credit card to be dealt with later, for many Australian households rising electricity costs have had far greater ramifications.

More Australians than ever are feeling the pinch – a situation that could worsen since the recent announcement that energy prices are set to increase by 20 per cent for the average consumer.

This is why many smart Australians are turning to solar battery storage – the clean, renewable solution to achieve energy self-sufficiency and moving closer to neutralising power bills.

The appeal of solar panels + solar battery

Solar panels capture the sun’s energy for powering household lighting, appliances and other electrical items, instead of using (and paying for!) electricity from the grid. Solar batteries then store any additional energy for the household to use later, and any unused energy can be sold back to the grid.

By enabling you to store the energy your solar panels generate, a solar system that includes both solar panels and a solar battery can help neutralise your power bills.

Solar panels plus a solar battery is a home investment that also delivers priceless peace of mind, especially as households move into retirement and fixed incomes.

The cost savings are compelling

The price of a fully installed solar battery (including a service plan) starts from around 30 per cent more than the average household’s energy bill for just one year. Once it’s installed, you’ll see immediate savings that can last a lifetime, making it a very sound return on investment.

Average daily savings* can be from $0.0016 to $3.20. Depending on the size and type of battery as well as your energy behaviour. You can expect to see a full return on your solar battery investment in 5-7 years*, while also enjoying significantly reduced power bills along the way.

How to keep saving with solar

It’s one thing to have an excellent solar power system, including a solar battery, generating and storing energy. But the key step to actually neutralise your power bills is to have your solar system serviced, checked and maintained annually, so you can watch those bills go down and stay down.

If your solar power system isn’t running properly, it’s not generating power properly and it certainly won’t be delivering the cost savings you anticipated.

Regular maintenance by professionals will ensure your system operates at peak capacity as energy production can drop over time without maintenance – sometimes by more than half.

Smart next steps

Take the next steps to neutralising your power bills by installing solar batteries today, and committing to the regular maintenance your solar system needs to keep it saving you money.

*Source: Solar Service Group.

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