Solar Service Group is excited to announce that we are now servicing Tasmania!

After taking the mainland in leaps and bounds, Solar Service Group is continuing to expand with solar systems, battery installations and the essential solar service, now available in Tasmania.

… there will no longer be a premium feed-in tariff.

Tasmanians have largely embraced solar energy on households and businesses, and in recent times have started moving towards solving solar’s greatest dilemma of using solar in the evening with  battery solutions.

There has never been a better time to consider installing a solar battery, with the Tasmanian Government recently announcing that there will no longer be a premium feed-in tariff. As of January 2019, solar systems installed prior to August 2013 will no longer receive the premium feed-in tariff rate of 23c/kWh.

The revised feed-in tariff that will come into effect as of January 2019, will be a standard rate of 8.54c/kWh. As solar specialists, Solar Service Group can find the perfect solution for you, offering battery solutions and servicing. Why not take this chance to store all that excess energy you produce? Rather than selling it back to the grid for a much lower rate.

Not sure how solar batteries work? 

Solar batteries capture excess energy generated by the household not used during the day, instead of sending it straight to the grid. With the standard feed-in tariff being less than 60 per cent of the previous rate, using the solar that your system has generated in the evening instead of during the day makes financial sense. 

Don’t worry, it’s not just Tasmania losing their premium feed-in tariff. In December 2016, New South Wales faced a similar dilemma, going from 20c/kWh to just 6c/kWh. Many solar homeowners chose to make the switch to solar batteries.

Solar Service Group provides a wide range of services to suit your every solar need, they include: 

Solar battery solutions

We can offer you a tailored solar battery solution for your home. With a thorough analysis of your bill and energy usage patterns, we can guide you through the process to make the right, individual, choice for your home and lifestyle.

Solar panel installation

Generate your own energy and power your house with the sun! If you’re new to solar and want to learn more about what is involved in making the solar switch, speak to our team of Solar Specialists who can take you through the entire transition.


Servicing is not only important for the longevity of your system but is required for warranty purposes. Solar Service Group offer a range of servicing options from routine maintenance, cleaning, heath checks to repairs, recalls and warranty replacements.


With an extensive range of qualified and trusted installers Australia wide, our team of licensed and skilled solar installers cover all servicing, battery solutions and PV installations.

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