7 Solar Facts you may not know

Fact 1: Solar energy is the way of the future as it is free, reliable, environmentally friendly and does not pollute the atmosphere!

Fact 2: Solar energy can even heat water. This can be found within the Solar powered hot water systems. This is cost saving option for your water, with the added bonus of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Fact 3: The sun is located 90 million miles from earth but only takes 10 minutes for the sun’s light to travel to earth. Therefore, Solar energy is a convenient and quick option for your energy needs.

Fact 4: If you are an environmental junky, Solar energy will be your best friend. Not only does Solar energy have no pollution, but is also greener then coal and fossil fuels.

Fact 5: Solar Batteries means you can push the boundaries of regular electricity, as you can have electricity in less civilised areas. The portability of Solar could be endless!

Fact 6: Solar energy is available in abundance. The sunlight which travels to earth within one minute is enough energy to service the earth for one year!

Fact 7: Fancy a clean glass of water sourced from the ocean? This can be made possible through Solar energy, as the Solar transforms salt water into fresh drinking water through a Solar water distiller or Solar-powered desalination plant.