Winter is here, which means poor weather, shorter days and less energy for your solar panel system to generate. In order to avoid the dreaded bill shock after winter we have some advice to let you keep the heater on and the dollars in your wallet.

Solar Battery

Are you sending energy back to the grid, only to buy the same energy back at night for a considerably higher cost? A solar battery lets you store that excess energy so that you can use it when you need it most.

Shorter daylight hours in winter means that your system has a smaller window to power your house during the day. Harnessing the ability to store all the energy your system produces can increase your energy independence.


Less hours in the day to generate solar energy means it’s important that your system is performing at optimum capacity. By servicing your solar panel system, you are guaranteeing that your system is working as effectively as it possibly can.

Not only this but a service ensures that your system meets all updated regulations giving you peace of mind that the system is safe for you and your family.

Quick tips to save energy

  1. In the evening’s close curtains, blinds and doors to keep the heat that you generate inside the house.
  2. Tape up any cracks or holes in windows to not let hot air out and cold air in.
  3. Heat up your home gradually. It’s advisable to set your heater to twenty or below to heat your home at a steady pace rather than blasting in heat.
  4. Turn off heaters when you go to bed or leave the house. Leaving heating/heaters on not only chews through power but it also can be a fire hazard.

Our team at Solar Service Group are solar specialists who can go through your energy bills with you to determine the best energy saving tips that will fit in with your lifestyle.