What home appliances use the most power?

Appliances use varying degrees of energy but have you ever wondered how much power each of your appliances use? Or how much it is costing you to run each of these appliances per year?

We have taken the time to work out the figures, so you don’t have too.


Av. Wattage

Average use per day / hours

kWh/ year



2000 W

16 minutes

194.67 kWh



2400 W

2 hours

1752 kWh


Electric Heater

1500 W

4 hours

2190 kWh



138 W

4 hours

201.48 kWh


Split system

10000 W

3 hours

10950 kWh



1000 W

20 minutes

120.45 kWh


Central AC

3500 W

3 hours

3832.50 kWh


Washing machine

500 W

2 hours

365 kWh


Clothes Dryer

3000 W

2 hours

2190 kWh



1500 W

30 minutes

273.75 kWh


Light bulb

100 W

12 hours

438 kWh


Phone charger

6 W

1 hour

2.019 kWh



200 W

24 hours

1752.00 kWh



1400 W

1 hour

511 kWh



1800 W

2 hours

1314 kWh


This results in a total spending of $8,040.03 a year * on energy.  

Usage timings

When you have a solar panel system you have the luxury of being able to time when to use certain appliances. When possible try to use the high voltage appliances during the day when the power can come directly from your solar system. You can do this by using a smart plug or the timer settings on the appliance.

Solar Batteries

Energy prices are increasing and having a solar panel system can offset some of this cost. However, homeowners are still finding that they are paying considerably more for energy than they are getting back from their suppliers for feeding in their excess energy during the day. A solar battery lets you store that excess energy so that you can use it when you need it most.

*These figures are based on the same usage per day for 365 days, with a flat rate of 0.30 c/kwh (Figure from a standard rate in Victoria by Origin Energy /united energy 30.82c/kwh.