Shocked by your electricity bill? See our top tips towards a $0 bill

Have you installed a solar PV system in your home, but your electricity bill isn’t as low as you expected? There could be a few reasons why it’s not performing optimally. Find out how to dramatically reduce your bills and let your solar PV system shine. 

Make usage timings work for you

You may not know that the time of day that you use power from the grid can alter the rate that you pay. The day is divided into time bands called ‘Peak’, ‘Shoulder’ and ‘Off-Peak’, by altering some of your day to day usages you may see a reduction in your bills.

Remember that your solar system can only power so much, if the demand for power is higher than that which your system produces you will also be using power from the grid. Here are some of our favourite timing tips to help you:


  • If you have a pool, consider using the pump during the middle of the day.
  • Stagger your power usage, for example wait until your washing machine has finished its cycle before putting on the dishwasher.
  • Set your air conditioning to come on before you get home from work to cool your house down gradually.
  • Depending on the type of battery you have you may be able to charge your battery off the grid during ‘off-peak’ times ready to use at ‘peak’ times.

Batteries make economic sense

As you know your solar system doesn’t produce power at night, and this is when you’d use most of your power. Meaning that during these times you are buying power from the grid for considerably more than you are sending back.

A battery stores the excess energy that you make in the day ready to use at night. This means that your solar can power your home during the day and your battery can power your home in the evening. Dramatically reducing your dependence on the grid.

… Trevor managed to save $100 off his power bill in the first three weeks since installation.

Solar Battery Case Study

Trevor, from Western Australia installed his solar system and battery with us in January. His system produces enough energy to power his pool pump in the day and fully charge his battery for night time use. Due to his savvy energy consumption timings and his installation of a battery Trevor managed to save $100 off his power bill in the first three weeks since installation! Source: Product Review

Maintenance improves solar efficiency

A solar PV system is essentially a live power station on your roof. To maintain its longevity and the safety of your household it is important to get your system serviced annually by a qualified solar technician.

This not only gives you peace of mind that you and your family are safe it also ensures that your system is working as efficiently as possible.

We complete a 12-point system check which includes a detailed examination of your PV modules safeguarding against fractures and moisture penetration whist professionally removing any debris and dust.