Seniors are turning to solar

Many seniors have experienced the shock of a large power bill at the end of a cold winter, or during a sweltering summer. 

Some have the financial capacity to cope and others are using their hard-earned retirement savings to pay the bill. For many seniors, rising electricity costs have far greater ramifications such as reducing essential services. More seniors than ever before are feeling the sting, a situation that could continue to worsen, given the rise in electricity prices and decrease in feed-in tariffs.

This is why many seniors are turning to solar and solar battery storage; it’s a clean, renewable solution to combating rising energy prices. Eliminating the reliance on the power grid and using an affordable alternative to neutralise power bills.

The appeal of solar panels and solar batteries

Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into usable energy for your home. Usable alternating current (AC) energy that powers your lights, appliances and any other household items. Solar batteries then store excess energy not used by the household to use later when the sun goes down. This prevents drawing energy from the grid at peak rates. With most seniors on a fixed income, the investment in solar and battery storage can deliver peace of mind to you, knowing that you will not experience energy bill shock.

Strong results

In 2016, Robert from New South Wales installed a solar battery to capture excess energy from his solar panels instead of sending it straight to the grid. After his first quarterly billing cycle, he had seen a significant decrease, with a reduction of $246.43 on his electricity bill from the same period the previous year. 

Keep saving with solar

It’s great that you’ve taken the steps to reduce your energy bill, however, the end goal is to eliminate your power bills. To achieve this, your solar system needs to be regularly maintained and serviced. This will ensure that your solar is working to optimal efficiency throughout the year. 

If you find that your solar system is not operating as efficiently as you have previously experienced, it may not be working properly. Regular maintenance by a licensed, solar professional will ensure that you are getting the most out of your solar investment. 

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