Solar Battery Subsidised Field Trial

All spots have been allocated and applications for our Solar Battery Subsidised Field Trial have now closed. With a variety of locations across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia this Field Trial is designed to independently measure the effectiveness of solar battery technology. 

All participants household energy is monitored through feedback, electricity bill data and energy monitoring reports providing the foundation of our research and determining household savings. An initial survey identified how important electricity usages and savings are to participants, what interests them about solar batteries and their household electricity usage goals.

With the Field Trial participants currently in varying stages of the trial, the results are starting to come through. We are very glad to report some fantastic results with John Smith* of Balgownie, NSW whom is saving on average $3.13 per day on his electricity bill thanks to his Enphase solar battery with real-time energy monitoring system. We are also seeing great results with another participant Jane Smith* of Caringbah, NSW whom is also receiving incredible benefits from her Enphase solar battery with on average savings of $3.46 per day!

Whilst we are collecting data from our customers, we are also monitoring the solar battery systems to ensure that their household is operating as efficiently as possible with regards to their electricity usage patterns. By making these recommendations such as when to set the dishwasher or washing machine, or to change household behaviours we have helped our customers save money on their electricity usage, minimised electricity bill shock considerably and maximising their solar usage.

Watch our interview here with Denise Kerry of Corrimal, NSW of the support that she has received from us throughout the life of her solar battery and the real value of installing an Enphase solar battery with energy monitoring system. Since our conversation with Denise, she has expanded her solar battery storage and receives great benefits from having an affordable and modular solar battery storage system.

Pleased with the results so far, we are proud that our customers are spending less on their electricity bills and enjoying the experience of monitoring their household usage. Our Solar Specialists are working closely with our customers and Field Trial participants to bring their electricity bills as close to $0 as possible. 

In preparation for the next stage of our research, we will be contacting our Field Trial participants in the coming weeks to determine their views on their solar batteries, the energy management system and the assistance they have received from Solar Service Group. Any questions regarding our Solar Battery Subsidised Field Trial data collection, please direct all queries via email to


*Due to our privacy policy, Solar Service Group are using an alias in place of the customer’s real name