Summer Solar Dreams

It’s finally prime time; long days, blue sky and that scorching summer sun, means higher levels of energy production throughout the day.

Here in Australia, we will enjoy 14 – 15 hours of sunlight per day from now, until the end of summer. We know that there will be some cloudy days, but this season is what your panels were made for. To take full advantage of the sunshine we recommend shifting high electricity consumption from the evening to daylight hours. Using appliances like a pool pump or washing machine during the day rather than when the sun goes down. 

Don’t get us wrong, more sunshine is great, however, it is important to remember that your system may lose some operating efficiency if the temperature gets too high. This occurs in all solar panels, and is an essential safety feature to protect the system from overheating and creating a fire hazard.

batteries can be charged throughout the day and then used for evening consumption

Summer is also an ideal time for households with a solar battery because the batteries can be charged throughout the day and then used for evening consumption. With more people in the home during the day due to school holidays, Christmas and New Years celebrations the consumption of electricity is expected to be high. This is due to more people in the home using energy and on holiday breaks. 

Here are some quick tips to maximise your energy production this summer

1. Keep an eye on your daily consumption and solar production through your solar monitoring software

2. Service your solar! – Servicing is not only important for the longevity of your system but is required for warranty purposes. Solar Service Group offer a range of servicing options from routine maintenance, cleaning, heath checks, repairs, recalls and warranty. 

3. Shift the time of use of regular appliances like pool pump, air conditioner and washing machine to when the solar is powering the home. 

Take full advantage of the sun this summer, contact Solar Service Group on 1300 40 41 42