Installed your solar PV system and unsure where to go from here? Here’s a few ultimate recommendations on how to get the most out of your investment!

  • Servicing

Have your solar PV system regularly serviced by an accredited technician who can advise you on eliminating causes that diminish the efficiency of your solar PV system

  • Electricity bills

Have a closer look at your electricity bills, note down your export back to the grid and how much you are receiving from this export from your energy retailer

  • Have a high export rate?

Consider solar battery storage; this will minimise your dependence from the grid and allows you to use the excess energy that your solar PV system has generated later in your day

  • Monitor your household energy

A monitoring system is your answer to ensuring that you aren’t being overly charged on your electricity bills and gives you enough information for you to act on power-hungry devices/appliances and reduce your electricity bills straight away rather than after the billing period ends. Solar Service Group are very proud to offer carbonTRACK Energy Management which not only adds convenience to your life but gives you peace of mind that you’re in control of your electricity bills. Keep updated and aware of your home energy usage and production with carbonTRACK by enquiring here.


For more information on your solar PV system contact one of our Solar Specialists on 1300 40 41 42.