Tips to save on electricity this summer

With a hot summer ahead for Australia, chances are your household electricity usage will skyrocket. If you’ll be kicking back around the house this summer, your household will be using more electricity to power air conditioning, pool pumps and home electronics. To help stay on top of your usage, here are some simple tips to reduce the amount of power your household uses this summer.

  • Using multi point power boards is an easy way to enable multiple home entertainment devices to be turned off at the same time, ensuring they aren’t still using power whilst in standby mode.
  • Also, using a remote-controlled power outlet, you can easily turn off large appliances remotely which can save you effort and money.
  • Install a rooftop solar PV system to produce your own electricity, reducing the amount of electricity your household draws from the grid.

With streaming services becoming more popular our use of home entertainment appliances has grown. Here are some tips to stop your TV and entertainment appliances from using excessive amounts of power.

  • Turn off your TV or home entertainment appliances at the wall.
  • If you’re purchasing a new TV, look for one with an LCD screen as they use far less power than Plasma displays.
  • Change your desktop computer to a lap-top.
  • Turn off your computer monitor when it’s not in use rather than having a screen saver.

Installing a rooftop solar system to your home can allow households to take advantage of the hot Australian sun and reduce their energy bills. To find out about making the switch to solar call us a call on 1300 40 41 42.