carbonTRACK Smart Plugs are a fantastic product that allows you to track energy efficiency of your household appliances and helps you to identify energy efficiency improvements to make around the home. Here are the top 5 appliances to connect to your carbonTRACK Smart Plug. 

  1. TV unit

Ever go to bed and realise that your TV unit is still on standby? Turn off your TV unit with your smartphone before you go to sleep to minimise the amount of standby energy it is consuming with a carbonTRACK Smart Plug.

  1. Washing Machine

Have the ease of knowing that your washing is completed while you’re out of the house and enjoying your day in the sunlight! Then when it is finished, turn your machine off via the smartphone app.

  1. Microwave

It heats up your food fast but microwaves consume energy like it’s running water, it is recommended to turn off your microwave when it is not in use to save energy

  1. Kettle

A quick cup of coffee in the morning and a pick-me-up when we get home from work but this little kettle has been on standby all day and night hardly in use. It’s better to let it consume energy when it is in use; not when it is sitting idle all day.

  1. Desktop computer

Most of us come home and then turn our desktops on, have a quick browse and leave it at that without realising the amount of energy that the computer is consuming. Connecting your desktop to a carbonTRACK Smart Plug will reduce the amount of energy consumed daily.

We have a very special offer of carbonTRACK Smart Plugs with your purchase of a carbonTRACK Intelligent Energy Management System.

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