Three reasons solar battery storage makes sense in 2018

Australians are sun lovers, and with around 15 per cent of Aussie households being powered by solar, we’re one of the world’s biggest users of solar energy in the home.

Now that daylight savings has started and we’re seeing longer days, these savvy, solar-powered households are looking ahead to a cost-effective summer…or are they?

With household electricity prices on the rise and electricity retailers paying much less for the surplus solar energy generated by households and released back into the grid, home-owners aren’t seeing the financial returns on their solar panels in the way they once did.

If you’re powering your home with solar panels and want to see an ongoing reduction in your monthly energy spend, solar battery storage could be your solution. Here’s why:

  1. Solar batteries store the energy generated by your solar panels

Solar batteries work by storing the electricity generated by your solar panels during the day, so you can use it when you need it most.

Households can draw solar energy from their battery any time, including in the evenings when you’re cooking, turning on lights, gaming, studying and watching TV.

With a solar battery you can use your own energy when your want, instead of relying on – and paying for – grid electricity once the sun’s gone down.

In short, a solar battery means your household can get the absolute most out of your solar system and even neutralise your power bills completely.

  1. Save money even as electricity companies are tightening their belts

The rising cost of powering a home is a simple yet compelling reason to invest in a solar battery. Solar batteries bring the price of electricity down in an environment where we’re seeing constant energy price rises.

Thousands of Australians, such as Denise Kerry, have turned to solar batteries as a result of their energy retailer slashing the amount being paid for the energy their solar systems are generating and returning to the grid. In Denise’s case, it was cut to just 5 cents per kilowatt hour. She was then buying it back from the retailer at 23 cents per kilowatt hour.

Today, after solar battery installation, Denise’s bill is almost non-existent, and she can see each day, via a simple online tool, exactly what solar energy has been generated, stored and consumed.

  1. Self-sufficiency

Many homeowners with solar panels are looking to achieve self-sufficiency in retirement. After all, who wants to spend retirement savings on power bills?

Many of our customers see solar as a smart home investment that will future proof them as energy prices keep rising in the years to come. With a solar battery installed, you can insulate your household budget from the impact of rising energy prices by using your panel-generated energy to provide your home’s power whenever you need to use it.

Because it stores the power your solar panels generate, a solar battery is an astute investment that will bring the price of your electricity down, while providing peace of mind and protecting your household budget against future energy price rises.

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