Protect yourself from blackouts this summer

Recently announced, The Australian Energy Market Operator have expressed concerns over the flimsiness of Victoria’s electricity grid. They have outlined plans to pay major power users to commit to reducing their energy consumption during times of peak demand and in emergencies.

Unfortunately, households with grid connected solar panels installed are in the same situation as non – solar households. In the event of a blackout, solar power systems are prevented from exporting excess electricity to the grid. This is to ensure the safety of the electricians working on the infrastructure, and to prevent further damage to the grid. 

Keep the air conditioner on, the TV running and the internet uninterrupted with blackout protection.

With the threat of blackouts looming, you can put your own contingency plan in place, by installing a solar battery. Depending on the size of your system and the power demands of the household, you will need a battery that provides you ample power and has blackout protection.

If you are particularly prevalent to experiencing blackouts throughout the year, a solar battery fitted with blackout protection could protect your house from the effects of a grid outage. Keep the air conditioner on, the TV running and the internet uninterrupted with blackout protection.  

Battery storage systems take excess energy from your solar panels throughout the day, and rather than sending it back to the grid, is used to charge the battery system. When the sun goes down, the battery will power the home, using the excess energy stored from your panels. A battery with blackout protection will ensure that your essential appliances are powered throughout the blackout, things like refrigerators, WiFi, TV and lights.

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