Blackout Protection: Rest Assured Victoria and South Australia

Recently accounced, the Australian Energy Market Operator will have 2000 MW of power to aid both Victorian and South Australian grid-connected properties in the event of blackouts.

With blackout protection on the mind of grid-connected energy customers because of their frequency during warmer months and the stress they cause for both households and businesses, this offers a safeguard of protection after the closure of the Hazelwood plant in March earlier this year which held 1600 MW of power. The Bureau of Meteorology have forecasted a greater possibility of heatwaves for the upcoming summer season, paired with the increased demand of electricity of the grid would cause blackouts. Particularly for south-eastern Australia, there is a greater likelihood for longer and increased heatwaves.

In addition to this, more than 1000 MW of demand-response and existing market generation will be used as a contingency plan in the event of mass-blackouts. A Demand-Response Program for large electricity users has been created and are contracted by the Australian Energy Market Operator to minimise their use of power during peak usage times to ease the strain on the electricity market. This could be in the way of turning off/down high-energy-use appliances such as pool pumps or air conditioners during severe heat circumstances.

While there are these measures in place to serve grid-connected electricity users in the event of blackouts, households have the ability to make their own contingency plan and install a solar battery storage system with blackout protection. A solar battery with blackout protection will ensure that your essential appliances are powered throughout a blackout, e.g. refrigerator, WiFi, TV, lights.

With demand for the grid increasing and the likelihood for blackouts during warmer periods growing, protect your household while the grid is out by installing solar battery storage with blackout protection.