Power of Smart Energy Management

The power of technology has given us an incredible amount of knowledge – more recently we can monitor and assess solar panel systems on rooftops without being up on the roof completing any sort of ability test. How does this happen and how does it benefit my home?

Why Smart Energy Management?

Without going up to your rooftop to test the hardware of the system you wouldn’t know if there is a fault or if your system is not generating any solar power until your next bill. Smart energy management does that for you.

With real-time updates of how much energy your system has produced, stored, used and exported it will give you the best indication of not only how well your system is operating but also how much energy your home is using at any given time. By downloading the software onto your preferred mobile device or using a web browser to do just the same, you will have access to the information available to you from above in solar battery energy monitoring.

  • Real data for real time action
  • Track high usage appliances
  • Track your solar

How will knowing how much energy we are using all the time help us?

Living anywhere in Australia, chances are you’ve had the uncomfortable displeasure of receiving a high energy bill and thought to yourself – “how have we used that much energy?” Unless you can identify how much energy is being used at the one time by noting when you turn on the power for your appliance and for how long you won’t have much of an idea on how much energy is being used at any given time let alone over a billing cycle – no one simply has the time or patience for that. With smart energy management software, you have the data collated and sorted from the cloud for you to be confident that you understand how much energy your home is using at any given time. This is crucial to lowering your energy bill.

 Lowered energy bill with smart energy management

Accurate information for better energy results. Smart energy management gives you real-time information on how much energy your appliances are using and production levels of your solar at any given time. Our recent Subsidised Solar Battery Field Trial gave one of our Victorian customers the tools he needed to lower his average daily energy usage. Before Andrew’s solar battery with smart energy management was installed, his household was using on average 13.7kWh per day of energy from the grid after his solar has powered his home throughout the day.

With smart energy management Andrew has been able to reduce this number to a daily average of 7.67kWh. That’s a difference of over 40% in his household’s average daily energy usage from the grid after he has been empowered with the data of smart energy management.

That’s not just using less and turning more appliances off at the power, that is from identifying when solar is producing more energy, when it is better to use an appliance and energy being used from solar battery storage.

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