In 2017, Solar Service Group saw the immeasurable benefits that solar battery storage with monitoring capabilities could make on Australian households already generating their own solar energy from existing rooftop solar installations. To independently measure and judge this new technology, Solar Service Group conducted a Subsidised Solar Battery Field Trial. 

Only selected homes around Australia were invited to participate, in turn we heavily subsidised the price of the storage system for their participation of giving us feedback on their energy usage/habits and providing us with their energy bills.

A very common reason for homeowners around installing solar battery storage was to take back energy independence as energy prices from the grid had skyrocketed causing immense stress on households all over Australia. Some households were seen to be going without heating during winter because their energy bills had grown out of proportion.

One of our Field Trial participants has worked very closely with us in the hope of lowering her energy bills and regaining her independence from her energy retailer. Before installing her Enphase Solar Battery, Monica was paying almost $300 per quarter for her energy. This price was after any feed-in-tariff credit that she received for having an existing solar system. Her feed-in-tariff was the standard 11.3c/kWh and thankfully installed her solar battery storage system before her energy rates were increased!

As of her current electricity bill, Monica has an electricity bill in complete credit and is essentially operating her home off grid. Monica’s household is self-sufficient and in credit thanks to her solar battery storage system.

With our advice, Monica has been able to lower her energy bills and live more energy-efficient. Asking questions and getting to know how you use your energy is vital to lowering your energy bills and living free of the burden of bill-stress.

Monica is just one of our Field Trial customers reaping the rewards of installing solar battery storage with Australia’s largest solar retailer and servicing company. To learn how to get your bills in credit and be free of bill shock fill in your details here or contact us on 1300 40 41 42.