How you could be losing money with your solar system

Like your car or air-conditioner service, your Solar Panels require regular servicing to ensure they are operating at optimal capacity but importantly at the revised and renewed standards as set out by the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator. It might sound like a quick oil check at a glance but it is so much more.

Comprehensive service checks are to not only ensure your return on your solar investment but they are more importantly for your safety from occurrence of electrical faults and possible hazards. If you choose not to have your solar serviced, you are very likely to be in breach of your home insurance requirements.

Comprehensive Solar Servicing inspects all elements of your Solar System, for a detailed listing click here whilst offering recommendations on potential improvements to your systems for your benefit. Don’t take these for granted.

Solar Battery Storage has trended in the Australian market and you can understand why.  Recent advancements have moved into battery storage.

Solar Battery Storage store excess power generated from your Solar Panels, which can be utilised within your home when the sun goes down, reducing your dependence on purchasing electricity from the grid. Simultaneously, you can monitor your household usage and dependence on the grid through online and real-time tracking.

Power displacement is most customers’ key area of concern where generated power is going straight back to the grid because of an inability to store for future use. Installing a Solar Storage Battery works to ensure minimal power displacement so that the power your panels generate isn’t going to your next-door neighbour’s indoor chandelier showroom but to your warm shower or bedroom light.

You’ve made your investment into Solar and now it’s time to really make the most out of it and not lose your money.

Book your Solar System for a comprehensive service by certified and accredited professionals. Monitor and store your energy for your future use. Don’t lose your money.

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