Seniors are turning to solar

Many seniors have experienced the shock of a large power bill at the end of a cold winter, or during a sweltering summer.

Some have the financial capacity to cope and others are using their hard-earned retirement savings to pay the bill. For many seniors rising electricity costs have far greater ramifications.

More seniors than ever before are feeling the sting, a situation that could continue to worsen given the rise in electricity prices and decrease in feed-in tariffs.

This is why many seniors are turning to solar and solar battery storage; It’s a clean, renewable solution to combat rising energy prices, by eliminating reliance on the power grid, neutralising power bills. Read more

Environmental Benefits of Solar

Solar energy is a clean, affordable and sustainable way for anyone to generate electricity. While many home owners make the choice to switch to solar because of the savings they stand to make on their electricity bill. However, the environmental benefits are also worth considering when investing in solar.

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How to maintain your rooftop solar PV system

Congratulations for installing your solar PV system, among millions of other Australian home or business-owners, you are contributing to a cleaner environment through renewable energy generation. Your solar system will be working around the clock, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and this will require some maintenance to ensure that not only the solar PV system is generating power for the home, but it is also operating safely for your property.   Read more