Technology has evolved and consumers are demanding a clean energy future. Solar panels and solar batteries are what Australians are purchasing to escape the rising cost of electricity. With government incentives available, solar batteries are now more accessible than ever.

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Over the past decade, the solar industry has boomed. In 2018, the number of Australian households with solar PV installations reached 2 million. That’s an average of six solar panels installed per minute!

The solar industry is growing rapidly, yet there are many solar companies who have left. ABC News reports that almost 700 solar companies have gone out of business since 2011, leaving about 650,000 Australians without warranties if their systems fault. These systems are referred to as ‘orphaned’ systems, because there is no longer a company available to take responsibility.

So, how’s it possible that so many solar companies have shut down in an industry that’s booming?

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With electricity becoming more expensive as the months pass by, we can’t afford to take chances when it comes to our electricity habits. Making small changes can make a big difference to the amount you see on your energy bill each month.

At Solar Service Group, we’re here to help. Here are four quick tips on saving electricity that are so simple you could probably implement them today!

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Here at Solar Service Group we provide our customers with long-term solar solutions by utilising our expert knowledge and passion for the solar energy industry.

We have over 30 years’ industry experience, with a strong focus on our customers satisfaction. Our commitment to research and development within the solar battery and renewable energy sector has led us to become proud leaders in the solar battery market of Australia.

We would like to share some examples of positive feedback we have received from our customers on Product Review.

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Solar energy is fascinating. Our advancement in technology has allowed us to turn sunlight into electricity which we can use to power our homes and devices. Homeowners around the world are installing solar systems on their roofs to take advantage of this exciting, renewable way to generate electricity. A thought that commonly comes to mind amongst people who are considering making the switch to solar is: how does this benefit me?

We’ve put together a list that describes 5 of the most powerful reasons to go solar. Keep reading to find out what motivates individuals and businesses to install a solar system.
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